Valentines 2020

Valentines 2020

What would your dream Valentine’s dinner look like in a restaurant?

Imagine that a specially prepared table is waiting for you. Mandatory candles and a glass of tasty wine to stimulate your appetite. Romantic music in the background and finally a moment just for you! Time for quiet conversation, making plans, remembering your first date, or just holding hands. Sounds good?

Valentine’s Day is not a special day for everyone. Yes, it is said that love should be shown each day, small gestures testify to the feeling that connects you, an everyday smile is at a premium and you do not need to go anywhere on Valentine’s Day, because we love each year all the time. We agree with this the most, but if the opportunity arises, only once a year, to spend this evening exceptionally, unlike usual, why not use it?

There are couples who, due to the sheer volume of duties, do not have time to celebrate common moments. Therefore, to meet the need for lovers to spend time together, with delicious food and a romantic atmosphere, we have prepared a special Valentine’s menu, check it!

Reservations have been opened, call us or write an email and the table will be waiting for you!